• One Word…..by K. Ford

    Perhaps the day is winding down for you and the impact of all that has transpired today and over the course of a week is beginning to catch up with you. You’re strong, but you are no “super woman”.  Right now, at this very moment, you need a touch from God to propel you forth into the completion of everything on your agenda.

    On your own, there’s absolutely no way, you’ll be able to bear the weight of all the tasks before you. But you know of a source that is mighty, powerful, consistent, loving, and restorative. Without wavering, you call out to the source of your reliance: Father. God is many things to you – Savior, Redeemer, Lord, and Healer. But at this very moment, you need Him to be Father. Whether you’ve known the care of a natural father or not, the supernatural experience with your spiritual Father exceeds everything you’ve had and everything you may not have had growing up.



    You relish the moments in times past where your Father, the true and living God, never left you alone. And you know that He will hear your one word prayer of “Father” once again.  This one word, so little in size, is so huge in power. It signifies your dependence while relinquishing your independence and temptation to be mighty in your own eyes.  You can now rest easy. No other outlet is needed.  Your Father is here and ready to comfort, direct, and lead you to your destination.


    “I am the way, the truth, and the life.  No man comes to the Father except by me.” – JESUS (John 14:6)

    This post is dedicated to the working women, moms, wives, students, and multi-tasking women.  May God continue to be your source of strength…

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