• Private Suffering, the Holiday Season, and Hope…..by K. Ford

    I wrote this blog a couple of months ago but am led to re-share as a means to address a hidden culprit during the holiday season: depression. Private suffering is, in fact, very real. When the concept of my new book, Affirmations for Women came to be, I was led to address the woman who appears to have everything together externally but is falling apart internally.  She may suffer from low self-worth, grief, loss of hope, bouts of depression, and/or suicidal ideation.  Some of us may be able to relate to any of these categories as our stories are all so unique.  This woman is not restricted to any racial, socioeconomic, or educational categories, as she often appears “normal” in her place of work, worship, and living situation.  This woman might be your co-worker, neighbor, church affiliate, or even be you. She carries on the usual business of life, but is often consumed with crying spells, anxiety, and a lack of real joy and fulfillment.  Although it may be difficult to reach even a fraction of people who may be experiencing this, it is my hope that those reading this blog may reach out for help if they feel hopeless or avail themselves to suspected “private sufferers” in their spheres of influence.  Some possible intervention strategies may include:

    • getting connected with friends and loved ones who can listen and be a shoulder to cry on (isolation is dangerous)
    • find healthy outlets of release–exercise or recreational fun geared to your personal interests can help a great deal
    • prayer & scriptural devotion
    • connect with a place of worship to ignite faith and hope
    • reach out to a trusted pastor, counselor, or psychological professional who can be a guide for weighty matters

    I invite you to share this information as a resource of hope and encouragement to anyone you think could use it. Please be discerning, as all too often, it’s not who we think.

    *May God bless those impacted by the tragedies and untimely deaths in Paris, France and Beirut, Lebanon. Our prayers are with them. (*revision on 11/16/15)

    Can you or someone you know use an uplift this holiday season? Be sure to check out the book below by CLICKING on the image.

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