• Goodbye, Hello…..by K. Ford

    Another season is behind us as we move forward into fall (United States), the holiday season, and the start of a New Year, if the Lord so will. There’s nothing we can do about it as we witness the inevitable changes of nature in our environment. The days of longer periods of sunlight, lighter clothing, and open windows are great memories as we move to what’s ahead in the upcoming months.

    The natural changes in the environment constantly remind me of the spiritual changes that we face as pruning and growth meet us whether we want to acknowledge it or not. Some things will be added to our lives and some things will have to, undoubtedly, be removed. Although it opposes the comfort zones of many, this is not necessarily a bad thing, but a “God-thing.” Women who seek God are rarely comfortable, but are certainly cared for as they move beyond what they want to living out the will of God.  They ultimately know that God’s provision is always best.


    May the next couple of months be full of prayer and a God-motivated goodbye to what’s false, fruitless, and vain while saying hello to what’s true, fruitful, and God-glorifying.

    God bless you…Keturah

    ***Feel free to send any confidential prayer requests to:  info@womenseekinggod.org


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