• From the Bottom Up…..by K. Ford

    Are you in need of a "do over" for the sake of your spiritual well-being? For the sake of peace? Joy? I know the feeling, dear lady. Keep reading below to find out more. - K. Ford, Founder & Lead Blogger of WomenSeekingGod.org

    How can God turn even the most wretched situations into something beautiful?

     The reality show, From the Bottom Up, produced by Queen Latifah and Nicci Gilbert is yet in another television season. As a writer and minister of the gospel, I’m accountable to God and humanity in relaying the redemptive message of Jesus Christ to those who either don’t know or question whether they can have a second chance (or third chance or fourth chance). So you might understand why such a show peaked my interest as I discuss its details.

    As I watched an episode, I become reacquainted with a few ladies that I had grown up seeing in the music and media world of the 1990s. Their background stories were all unique as they would work to find a new life after falling victim to a crime that would discredit their reputation, fame, and positioning as women in the society they live in. Some had gone to jail, left behind homes, disengaged from relationships, or couldn’t get work because of the mistakes they had made. There’s a lot to learn from the overlying message of From the Bottom Up and I want to take a moment to reflect on God’s ability to make things new in the lives of women just like you and I.  


    1. We must acknowledge –  In Psalm 51, David said, “Wash me, cleanse me, and have mercy on me.” He knew his ways had compromised his relationship with God, his kingdom, and the people he hurt. Indeed, he was a powerful king. However, he understood the impact of humbling himself in his moment of weakness and need.
    2. We must participate – In Ruth 1, Naomi, a widow and grieving mother, understood the necessity of leaving “the old” behind with intentional actions. What she knew as home would be replaced with a hard journey back to a land that God was drawing her to. God’s provision and peace would meet her as she obeyed. Surely her latter days would more than compensate for her time of grief, pain, bitterness, and loss (Ruth 4).
    3. We must keep our eyes on God – In Matthew 14: 22-33, Peter, a disciple and a person adapting to a new lifestyle of faith would experience a wonderful miracle. He would defy scientific laws and enter the supernatural realm of walking on water! As we remain focused and determined to follow Jesus Christ no matter how “rough the waters” and how “deep we may be falling,” we will prosper in joy, peace, and the certainty of being in God’s will.

    May God bless every woman reading this blog post. I pray that the end of 2016 bring you abundant and sweet communion with God. I pray that the #WalkOnWater type of faith will rule our mindsets, choices, and next moves for 2017. I hope to connect with you again before Christmas. – Love, Keturah



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