• For the Love of 2016…..by K. Ford

    I have a confession – finally (this blog post has been sitting in my draft box for days). 2016 was sometimes frustrating to my very soul. Yes, this Christian lady is venting a bit, but I’ll explain my sheer frustration in a moment. Along with many of you, I prayed that the will of God prevail mightily in 2016  – no excuses, just more of God in my hopes, dreams, goals, pursuits, and ambitions. Ladies, when we pray those kind of prayers, will He in fact answer us? Absolutely yes, but often in ways we would never choose for ourselves initially.

    As certain agendas were disrupted and a few of my own plans dismounted from their pretty little planner, I caught myself looking up at the sky a couple of times and thinking, “Really, Lord?” However, even in the uncomfortable times, I realized something:

    The lessons learned in 2016 surpassed anything else.

    No matter what mantras are flying around in our corrupted little world – “create your own destiny,” “chart your own path,” or “design your own success,” God is truly in control. Orchestrater of the universe, Lord of the heavens, and the Maker of all living things is not in the business of leaving what he created (us) to figure things out for ourselves in a world with about two billion and one choices. Therefore, we are at the mercy of an all-powerful God who lovingly has our best interest at heart even though we may want to protest his choices for us at times. I’ve learned this in 2016: I can’t expect God to lead like the great “driver” that He is if I keep yelling out directions from the “backseat.”  God has a way of making sure we reach our intended destination with perfect timing and with a beautiful graciousness. We can be certain that we’ll always arrive safely with Him as the driver.

    And as I enter a new season of my life (my husband entering his pastoral ministry while I trust God with all the other little details of being a wife, mom, and blogger), I simply say, “God’s ways are higher than my own (Isaiah 55:9).”

    I regress from questioning the plans of a sovereign God. He is the master guide to life, and I can live with that as I seek to charter new territory joyfully.


    May God bless you as you ponder and yield to your own “surrender moments.” – Love, Keturah

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