• Her Story, Our Story, God’s Story…..by K. Ford

    As Women’s History Month is coming to a close, I want to take time to commend the ladies who will read this blog post (Yes, you!) as you continuously build a lasting legacy of being women who seek God. And what a legacy that is!

    A trip down the memory lane of the bible…

    You might be like Anna as she prayed diligently in the temple waiting on the Messiah to enter this world – Read more here.

    You might be like Dorcas (Tabitha) who built a business around clothing design and gave of her wealth to the poor – Read more here.

    You might be like Miriam who didn’t hesitate to praise God for all He had done – Read more here.

    You might be like Ruth who left her past behind in order to trust where she was being led – Read more here.

    You might be like Esther who adopted great courage in order to save those who would be persecuted – Read more here.

    Whoever you identify with the most, there’s one thing that is common to us all – The reality of God’s grace, mercy, and provision makes each and every one of our stories better.  We fall, we rise, we cry, we rejoice, we stand still, we move forward; and yet God is with us on this beautiful journey called womanhood. May we all continue to build legacies of being:







    God bless you! – Keturah

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    Feel free to listen to a teaching I did at my church on an awesome woman of biblical history (Mary Magdalene) who rose from the pit of a “shaky” past and left behind a legacy of loyalty and dedication to a faithful God. Check it out HERE.

    Check out these real stories of triumph! CLICK on image to find out more.

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