• Women Who Listen & Speak “Well”…..by R. Mogomotsi


    Can you imagine giving God your all in praise and worship? You sing sweet words to heaven as you think about how good God has been to you. You voice the attributes of who God is – wonderful, almighty, gracious, loving, kind, etc. You pause and you sense that God is responding to you by his Spirit. ¬†You look forward to these awesome moments of intimacy and it’s like no other.


    But after these encounters with God, you may find yourself voicing different kinds of words to the people around you – and those words may not be so kind. You may not be as apt to listen to their responses as you interrupt and act impatient when they are speaking.


    I had to examine my own life and realized that SCENARIO #2 was becoming a reality as the “perfectionist” in me would sometimes lash out in anger when things didn’t go the way I had planned. However, God was not only looking for me to be the woman of “SCENARIO #1” but a woman who could practice self-control. My words needed to be seasoned with grace and I had to learn to be an active listener as people spoke to me. God forbid I walk in anger and attempt to enter His presence without addressing my issues. He is a God who desires to change us if we only confess and heed to his Word.


    Lord, we acknowledge our shortcomings. May we be the kind of women who exemplify your character everywhere we go. May we listen and speak “well” in our homes, jobs, schools, and communities. May we pause as anger attempts to rule our hearts. May we turn to you – the God who is able to redirect us to a place of peace. In Jesus Christ’s name – AMEN.


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