Road Trips

Auto Parts For Long Road Trips

Before going on a long road trip, check your car for worn-out auto parts. Not only is it not safe to drive with worn tires, but it can also lead to engine problems. Make sure you change your air filter to avoid a breakdown while on a trip. Also, check the tire pressure. If necessary, get your car serviced at a local auto parts store. You might also want to invest in an emergency kit.

Your car’s suspension is an important part of the car’s handling and control. It absorbs impact and helps keep the tires attached to the road. Ensure your car has a working jack and lug nut wrench. You may need a jack to change your tires. A working lug nut wrench will help you quickly remove your flat tire and install the spare. A set of common sockets and screwdrivers will come in handy for repairing your car’s suspension. For emergencies like this, you can also bring along a portable fire extinguisher.


While packing for a long road trip, remember to pack spare parts. You may need a jack and a spare tire, but they’ll be useful if you have to stop and change a tire. A pair of safety triangle reflectors and a reflective vest are also good to have in the car. Other auto parts that may come in handy are a pocket voltmeter, jumper wire, and an air compressor.