Free 8 Day Plan: Adopting a Love for God’s Word

Want to grow closer to God by reading His word? Implement this 8-day scripture plan regarding the important role of the bible in our lives (guidance, wisdom, counsel, etc.). This scripture plan will help “kick-start” the habit for reading the bible every single day. Resources for what devotional plan to continue in are also included. I pray that you find this tool useful for your spiritual growth and daily walk with the Lord. The ways of this world are so unsure – the economy, the government, etc. However, we can depend on what is certain and sure: a faithful God and His powerful Word. Get started today and a week from now, you can be on your way to reading the bible every single day!


“What I learned from this experience is to trust God at his word. I believed in the bible but wasn’t totally placing my trust in it.” – N. Lee



  • set aside at least 15 minutes a day
  • locate in your bible and read the scripture reference for each day (found above) and apply the scripture theme (found below)
  • pray concerning the scripture and its impact in your life
  • journal your thoughts and what knowledge you gained from the scripture
  • end your day with prayer concerning your strength and belief regarding the scriptures
Day 1 theme:  God is the Word (to know Him is to know His Word)
Day 2 theme:  Adopting a “taste” for the Word
Day 3 theme:  Importance of meditating on the Word and obeying it for a life lived well
Day 4 theme: The power of God’s Word
Day 5 theme: The important function of God’s Word in our life
Day 6 theme:  Seeing clearly because of the Word
Day 7 theme: Not letting go of the soundness of the Word and its wisdom

Day 8: Choose A Reading Plan

Now it’s time to choose a reading plan that works best for you. There are many plans that may only require just minutes a day. The point is to remain consistent in your reading.  Click HERE for recommended plans.  I highly recommend Daily Audio Bible as a resource for not only you, but your other family members, as well.  This plan has a plethora of resources for women, men, children, and teens.  I have been using this as my bible devotional for over 5 years now, although I started a serious bible journey (start to finish) over 10 years ago.

You are able to download the very inexpensive Daily Audio Bible app to your mobile device or listen for FREE from any device immediately without an app.  I urge you to read the Word, as well as listen.  I love the convenience of listening to the bible when I’m traveling in the car or doing household chores. This resource has both options: reading & listening.  

Regardless of what devotional you choose, be sure to journal scriptures and thoughts for your ability to reflect on at later dates.  Don’t be afraid to start the bible over again and again and again.  I start in the book of Genesis in January and end in the book of Revelation in December every single year.  This habit helps us to grow and gain even deeper insight to scriptures that we covered the year before.  Happy reading as you continue to learn and develop in God’s Word. – K. Ford, Founder of


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