Women of Faith

Women of Faith is a term that I have been using for some time and found to be very useful when teaching a bible study group. It was time to write this article to help us understand the concept better and to help you get inspired to use it with your own group.

I have taught Bible studies in which we have attended a prayer circle where we had given blessings to God. I think most people find it very helpful to do this, but I have noticed one thing that may not be as helpful at all; we don’t believe it!

This is the challenge that Women of Faith can help you overcome. We will spend more time talking about women in our prayer circle. But as time goes on, you may notice that your Christian women friends are doing the same things, yet they are not getting inspired to do so!

It is not going to be easy to break through this mentality, but it is going to be necessary for Christian women to realize that they are not alone. It will take a tremendous amount of work to get the message out there to those who are being held back by their unwillingness to believe it!

The truth is that there are thousands of women in your circle of friends who are going through exactly what you are but are not being encouraged to be what they need to be in order to grow in Christ. It is time to get a solid commitment out of these women in order to reach them.

There are many ways you can go about this. You could send out emails, you could invite them to church, you could even hold a special event and pray together.

Each of these solutions will have a certain way of getting the message out, but each of them has an equally valid goal in reaching out to these women. Here is the deal, in order to get this message to those women who may be holding back, you will need to start seeing women as God’s perfect symbol.

I don’t mean that you become slates for the women to carve their spiritual images into, or that you dress up the women as a fairy princess or whatever, I am simply saying that you become one in your mind to get their attention. Instead of focusing on what they want, concentrate on what God wants for them, He wants them to grow in His name.